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Kapow Software:
About Us


Kapow Software — the self-service automation and integration company

Always On. Always Connected.

Kapow Software, a Kofax company, takes a disruptive approach to a simple proposition: in a high-velocity world where everything is converging -- mobile, social, cloud and Big Data -- the best companies are fully integrated and automated across all workflows, resources and relationships, both inside the company and out. Our approach: you don't need consultants, costly coding, or lots of time to get there. You can get there today, on your own, with our software.

By turning business-process flows into immediate, executable software automation code, we've created a new and immediate way of accessing data, particularly the hard-to-get data that sits behind apps with no APIs. Couple this with our ability to connect applications not meant to be connected and you've got a new-generation advantage: self-enabled automation and integration uniquely capable of driving innovation.

We do all this not a moment too soon because disconnects are costing you; those gaps in automations and integrations that threaten the structural and functional integrity of your enterprise. In fragmenting what should be a seamless ecosystem of people, data, applications, processes, customers and partners, disconnects are costing you in time, assets, money and more: lost market share, lost customers, lost efficiencies and lost deals. We eliminate these disconnects right out of the box.

Our Platform

Kapow Katalyst™ is the only platform for real-time application integration and automation, self-serviced and delivered to business users via Kapow Kapplets™ – instantly deployable lightweight apps from the desktop to every corner of the enterprise. Hundreds of leading companies have used Kapow Software to transform themselves into integrated, automated, agile, real-time enterprises; "always on, always connected."

You'll use our platform to integrate, automate and migrate all data and applications inside the enterprise, in the cloud and on the web. You'll harvest and integrate Big Data from any Web-based source, automate business processes, synchronize data with the cloud, connect legacy to cloud applications, integrate partners to your supply chain, and enhance search results with new data sources -- all in real time, free from reliance on coding or consulting. And with Kapplets you'll extend the power of the Katalyst platform to desktops and mobile devices by exposing workflows and integrations as lightweight apps for running and managing thousands of automations and integrations any time and with any input parameter. As more and more Kapplets are created instantly across the company, the rapidly-growing collection evolves into an enterprise AppStore where all employees share them, modify them, and request new ones.

With Katalyst and Kapplets your new integrations and automations will promote game-changing results that stimulate growth and drive profitability. You'll prototype new ideas in hours, not weeks; get to market faster; capture more share; become more competitive; and use the leverage of your real-time network to differentiate products and services ahead of the curve.

Our Customers

It's a wide spectrum of names. On one end: Fortune 500 enterprises with whopping data-processing requirements and huge amounts of integration: Audi, Intel, Bank of America, Fiserv, Deutsche Telekom and many more. On the other end are web-native brands growing vigorously in all the online spaces: personal finance, business networking, travel, talent management, recruiting and more.

Our Company

Kapow Software is a Kofax company headquartered in Palo Alto, CA with offices in New York, Austin, Frankfurt, and Copenhagen. Kofax plc (LSE: KFX) is a leading provider of smart process applications that simplify the business critical First Mileā„¢ of information-intensive customer interactions. Kofax combines market leading capture, process management, analytics and mobile capabilities that enable organizations to increase their responsiveness to customers, provide better service, gain a competitive advantage and better grow their businesses while reducing operating costs.

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