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Self-service integration without coding, consultants, or APIs – now available to all your employees

Enterprises don't have the luxury of waiting months or even weeks anymore; today, it's all about days and hours.

But traditional IT has a problem. Saddled with big iron, big apps, and big consulting contracts, IT as we've known it is too unwieldly to scale with the perpetually-connected, Web-centric workplace: the convergence of social media, the cloud, mobility and Big Data; the imperative of real time; and the emphasis on agility through consumerized IT.

In the meantime, you're paying a steep price: thousands of crucial automations and integrations are not getting done because you haven't the means of integrating disparate, external apps that lack APIs.

Kapow Software changes that. We are resetting expectations for enterprise automation and integration with the introduction of Integration-as-a-Self-Service™, a platform that permits business users to self-enable and control data integrations and automated workflows under the full control of IT. To what end? To put the power of Big Data, social media, cloud, and mobile directly into the hands of users, so that employees are informed, agile and empowered; always on and always connected.

Kapow Software created self-service integration with our bedrock Katalyst™ Application Integration Platform -- an award-winning platform requiring no coding, consultants or APIs. The way in which we're extending it across the enterprise is nothing short of extraordinary. With Kapow Kapplets™, unique lightweight apps empowering business users to control, manage and run thousands of automations, integrations, and custom-research queries directly, we're extending "self serve" to every desktop and mobile device. Created instantly with the click of a button, Kapplets are shareable across the company with appropriate provisioning and access control mechanisms through an enterprise "appstore" -- a first-of-its-kind repository of automated integrations.

It all comes down to this: With Integration-as-a-Self-Service™ -- self-enabled, self-orchestrated automations and integrations -- people can do more, do it better, and do it faster. This matters, because in high-velocity markets where timing is everything -- and where just a bit of the right data in advance means more than all of the data after the fact -- agility changes the game. Why? Because agile business users don't "respond"; they strike.

With Integration-as-a-Self-Service™, users strike in real time to customize and control queries into critical market insights and competitive data. They strike with automations to replace manual work and free tens of hours every month per worker; time better spent on higher-value initiatives. And they strike across the enterprise: employees, customers and partners, all self-enabled to execute custom automations and integrations, free from reliance on thinly-stretched IT departments and consultants with seven-figure invoices at the ready.