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Kapow Katalyst Platform:
Core Components


Core Components of the Kapow Katalyst Application Integration Platform

Core Components

Management Console

The Management Console is a web-based collaboration platform for sharing, governing and monitoring all aspects of the Katalyst Application Integration Platform.

  • Manage shared repository of robots, schedules, log files and APIs
  • Manage production and staging server environments at multiple locations
  • Schedule robots for performing automated application based business processes
  • Monitor production and search log files
  • Monitor RoboServer health and resource usage with easy dash-board overview
  • View data and export to Microsoft Excel
  • Manage user roles and permissions directly in connection with LDAP
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Design Studio

A complete integrated development environment (IDE) for building and testing application integration processes, called robots. The IDE includes two major visual views, the robot flow editor and the browser view.

  • Robot flow editor. Easily build, test and maintain robots with Kapow's drag-and-drop visual flow-chart editor. Process data sources, API calls, SQL queries, documents, file systems, data transformation and business rules through a visual workflow while verifying results in real-time.
  • Browser view. Whether you're working with emails, documents (Excel, PDF), XML data or HTML/AJAX-based web applications, the browser view allows you to configure navigation, data extraction and data entry through a point-and-click interface much like a standard desktop web browser. Interaction with applications and data has never been easier.
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Automation Browser

Kapow Katalyst uniquely combines the functionality of a presentation browser (enabling you to browse the web as you normally do) and an automation engine —the first and only web browser purpose-built for secure, scalable and automated application integration and business process execution.

  • Using business rules defined in the robots, the Kapow Automation Browser automatically and precisely integrates with virtually any application on the web, in the cloud, or across the enterprise faster, cheaper and more accurately than any other method - even if there are no existing APIs.
  • The Automation Browser can extract and deliver data to and from any source and format, such as an API/web service, SQL database, file systems, or web applications with no APIs.
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A highly scalable and fault tolerant execution server that runs robots created in DesignStudio based on automated instructions and rules to extract, transform, integrate and migrate applications and data.

  • Executes robots within the Kapow Automation Browser in a multi-threaded, 100% fault tolerant, multi-server environment to scale virtually without limits.
  • Runs Kapow Automation Browser without any rendering or unnessary HTTP requests for maximum throughput and performance.
  • Supports integration with standard enterprise monitoring systems and service management using standard SNMP/JMX protocol.
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