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Kapow Mobile Katalyst


Rapidly extend enterprise applications, business processes and information to mobile platforms

Can you imagine denying your workforce Internet access? Would you ever consider removing the phones from their desks? But without enabling them to work directly from their mobile devices, you're doing exactly that in relative terms: isolating them from a business world always on and connected.

More and more of your best employees are bringing their own devices and want to use them to do good work: to run real-time queries, execute complex workflows, and stay in close touch with customers and partners. Your customers are also expecting a similar experience with your brand, service or product on mobile devices.

The Disconnect

Here's the disconnect: when the time comes to let employees and customers access relevant information and business applications via mobile devices -- and that time is here -- there's a huge barrier that must be overcome. It's the challenge of mobilizing existing apps, especially legacy ones that have been modified and customized over time and have no available API. Indeed, most business apps lack APIs that expose the data, business logic and security mechanisms needed to be delivered in real-time to run workflows from mobile devices. Adding a service-level interface to a legacy app means rewriting the application -- a complex development project often abandoned for its strains on planning, coding, testing and spending.

So, how to empower executive management, sales, field personnel, technicians and information workers to access, consume and seamlessly update corporate data needed to mobilize work? How to you engage with your customers and partners to provide a rich mobile experience? And how to do all of this while leveraging investments already made in your existing corporate applications?

The Answer

Kapow Mobile Katalyst is the answer; the only answer. It changes the game by making rapid mobilization of existing applications and business processes possible, enabling employees to run real-time queries for aggregated data and execute complex workflows directly from mobile devices. With Kapow Mobile Katalyst, built on the leading Kapow Katalyst™ application integration platform, you'll create a new web service interface "wrapper" without re-writing any of the existing code.

Mobilization projects once abandoned as too time-consuming, expensive and disruptive now will now come to fruition, making your people more efficient and your customers more fully engaged.

Commerzbank, the second largest bank in Germany, used Mobile Katalyst to create a mobile banking experience based on its existing fully-featured e-banking application. The project came in ten times faster and 90% cheaper than what the bank could have achieved any other way. How's that for a competitive advantage?

Audi recently won "Best of Show" at the Consumer Electronics show for its Multi Media Interface on-board GPS system that delivers real-time weather, traffic and other aggregated data feeds into the cockpit. With Kapow Software, Audi was able to steal market share from BMW with an innovative, first-to-market mobile product that has captivated high-end customers.