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New in Kapow Enterprise 9.3


Key new capabilities enhance flexibility, speed and reach in leveraging Big Data

Kapow Enterprise 9.3 introduces new capabilities that give organizations greater flexibility, speed and reach in turning Big Data into business insights. These enhancements extend Kapow Enterprise as the leading data integration platform to access, integrate, deliver and explore data from the widest variety of internal and external sources.

Highlights of Kapow Enterprise 9.3 include:

Robust data integration across variety of sources

The market continues to evolve with new data sources becoming available and organizations discovering new innovative use cases to put all this data to work. Kapow leads the market with the ability to leverage all these data sources and with version 9.3 we're adding even more flexibility and coverage for broad data acquisition with enhancements to Kapow Katalyst™:

  • Rapid creation of Synthetic APIs to integrate sources without APIs
    • New built-in Chrome-based browser engine enables the rendering of target sites and applications for data integration faster and more effectively. New design capabilities are optimized to support interactive web applications using HTML5 and advanced JavaScript frameworks where data is rapidly updated on the page.

      Design Studio
      Render interactive web applications in Design Studio
  • Enhanced utilization of existing traditional APIs
    • Support for native interaction with web services using enhanced XML and JSON editing capabilities during data integration flow design, so existing APIs can be fully leveraged when available.

      JSON editing
      Native JSON editing in Design Studio

Enhanced data distribution and exploration

To extract maximum value from data it needs to be made available to facilitate more intelligent and informed decision making. In version 9.3 we're offering a nimble solution to visually deliver data directly into the hands of users, at the time they need it and allowing them to sort, filter and take action with enhancements to Kapow Kapplets™:

  • Advanced composition of Kapplet applications
    • Multiple datasets integrated by multiple data integration flows can be presented in a single Kapplet. For example, a single Kapplet for competitive pricing information can be designed to show pricing data per product as well as customer reviews and star rating.

      Kapplet designer
      Kapplet designer defines datasets to be presented in the Kapplet
    • Controlled distribution of Kapplets based on roles and permissions can be managed using built-in user management capabilities independent of LDAP or Active Directory.

      Built-in user management capabilities for secure distribution of Kapplets
      Built-in user management capabilities for secure distribution of Kapplets
  • Advanced support for data exploration
    • Data results are rendered in richly visual pages that can include interactive tables, graphs or a combination thereof, enabling users to understand the data and discover trends and anomalies. Initial supported graphs include line, bar, pie, bubble and scatter plots.

      Data is rendered in tables and graphs in Kapplets
      Data is rendered in tables and graphs in Kapplets
    • Users can explore data by sorting and filtering data results. Graphs and tables in a Kapplet page are coupled. If filtering is done in the table, the graph will update to show only the data that meets the filter criteria. Vice versa, if a part of the graph is selected, the table will update accordingly to show the selected data.

      Business consumers can sort data in Kapplets
      Business consumers can sort data in Kapplets
    • Users can take action on data results by selecting one or multiple rows of data as input for an action executed by another data integration flow. For example, the Kapplets shown below presents a table with sales leads collected from various external sources. The Kapplet user can select one, multiple or all of the rows and submit them to a CRM system (e.g., Saleforce.com) to create a new lead record. Once submitted the Kapplet will present back the URL of the new Salesforce.com lead record per each row.

      Business consumers can take action on data in Kapplets
      Business consumers can take action on data in Kapplets

Kapow Enterprise 9.3 is available now.

There are numerous ways that you can harness the power of the new Kapow Enterprise 9.3 platform for your organization, including the ability to:

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