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Why Kapow Software


Kapow Software resets expectations of how to manage, automate, and integrate internal and external applications without reliance on consultants or available APIs

Why Kapow Software? Because in a high-velocity, Web-centric world where everything is converging -- mobile, social, cloud and Big Data -- and where real-time, "scale-it-now" is an imperative here to stay, there are two things you must do that are right up our alley.

First, you must fix disconnects fragmenting your workflows, resources and enterprise relationships; disconnects that block automations and prevent integrations of people, data, applications, processes, customers and partners. And second, once the disconnects are fixed, you must move fast to exploit the game-changing opportunities of your newly-integrated and automated enterprise. With our unique platform for real-time application integration and automation, self-serviced and delivered to business users across the enterprise, you'll do both, self-enabled, without costly coding or reliance on consultants; consultants invested in your disconnects.

Why Kapow Software? Look at our customers. Consider our partners. We're a proven resource. And we're here to make you a hero.

But "Why Kapow Software" is only one side of the coin. On the flip side is the question, "Why Now?" That's easy. Because with the urgency of integrating systems, IT and LOB, cloud and Legacy, customers and vendors, partners and supply chain, Big Apps and Big Integrators are forcing enterprises to demand disruption. With rapid, self-service integration -- the kind of Web-native approach that has allowed great companies to scale massively from scratch -- Kapow Software is that disruption.

We've invented a new paradigm that resets expectations of how to manage, automate, and integrate internal and external applications without reliance on consultants or available APIs. In Kapow Katalyst™ we offer means of integration that isn't just better; it's radically better. And with Kapow Kapplets™ -- instantly-deployable lightweight apps -- we extend the power of Katalyst to desktops and mobile devices by exposing workflows and integrations as Web front-end apps for running and managing thousands of automations and integrations at any time. As more and more Kapplets are created instantly across the company, the rapidly-growing collection evolves into an enterprise AppStore where all employees share them, modify them, and request new ones.

Self-enabled by Kapow Software to exploit the advantages of a perpetually-connected, Web-centric enterprise, it's no surprise that over 600 companies, start-ups and government agencies have used our technology to stimulate profitability and achieve game-changing results. To what end? To deliver award-winning customer value; secure unique competitive and market intelligence; onboard customers and partners instantly; innovate compelling new products and services; monitor and respond to social media in real time; exploit mobility; and automate critical business processes.

Finally, select Kapow Software not just for what we do but also how we do it. We align our interests with yours to ensure easy deployment you'll exploit instantly to develop new products and services, drive innovation, and eliminate disconnects among employees, customers and partners. We're here to delight you; not to take you for every nickel and dime.