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The future of BI: Harness the explosion of Web based information
Harnessing the explosion of information across the Web provides not only business opportunities, but the challenge of extracting this data and integrating it with existing BI tools and traditional data sets.
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Powerful Business Intelligence: Look outside the enterprise for fast shifting trends and business opportunities across the Web
Join Jim Kobielus, senior analyst at Forrester Research, and Stefan Andresen, Founder and CTO at Kapow Software, and Dana Gardner, principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions, as they discuss how to identify, gather, cleanse, transform, deliver and manage relevant Web content for Business Intelligence
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Real-time text analytics bring about a new generation of Business Intelligence
Text-based content access and management play crucial roles in real-time BI. As businesses look for new opportunities, text access and analytics provide valuable new insights for Business Intelligence.
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